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Balloon Decor
Here at Showtime we are part of The Qualatex Balloon Network. As a QBN member we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in balloon decor and bouquets.

We’re committed to sound and honorable business practices, continuing education, and the belief that balloons create atmosphere and communicate emotion in a uniquely effective way.


We believe that the high quality of the products we sell, and professionalism in the services we offer, provide superior value to our customers and form the foundation for the future success of businesses featuring value-added balloon designs.



 These are just a few of the many designs available. They can all be

tailor made to suit your needs and venue.

With many shapes, sizes and colors, there is a design for every occasion.

We can even add lights into them to create the perfect atmosphere.

Call 217-304-3879 for a FREE consultation to discuss your event.


Need your balloon bouquet delivered? Try a Character Visit!


Stacked Bouquets
Multipule balloons stacked into a bouquet

is perfect for a gift or event. 


We can even modify your bouquets size,

shape and design to give your bouquet a unique

look while staying within your budget. 


Click on the picture to see some examples.

Center Pieces

Arranged latex or mylar balloons can give your

table decorations that extra pizazz. Add a little

extra ribbon and tulle to really make them special.


Click on the picture to see some examples.



 Fantasy Clouds
 A series of 9 balloons linked and topped with a

double bubble. Perfect as a stand alone bouquet

or bound 3 together with ribbon and tulle behind

your main table.


Click on the picture to see some examples.

Pearl Arch
Helium filled balloons attached to a monofilament line. Perfect for your main table or cake tables.


Click on the picture to see some examples.


Garland Arch
Air filled balloons twisted around a frame. Shape

and size can be varied. Can also be helium filled

and attached to a monofilament line. 


Click on the picture to see some examples.

Balloons twisted to form a column and topped

with a larger balloon in Latex or Mylar.


Click on the picture to see some examples.



Take your dance floor to the next level.

Gazebos bring that magical element to your

event. 4 columns connected with 2 arches

that float above your whole dance floor.


Click on the picture to see some examples.



Air filled balloons twisted around a frame.

Many shapes and designs available like single

or double hearts, letters, numbers and more.


Click on the picture to see some examples.





Balloon Drops

Want to turn an ordinary event into something spectacular? Try a balloon drop, one of the most dramatic special effects you can create with balloons.


100-300 Air-fill latex balloons rigged to the ceiling. Get

someone to pull the rip-cord and release the fun. This effect is dramatic and quite special.


Balloon drops are great for New Year's Eve. Pull the cord at midnight which signals the dramatic beginning to the new year.  They're also great for grand openings, promotions, weddings, parties, theatrical events and much, much more!


Click on the picture to see some examples.




   Gum Ball
16" Latex (or larger) stuffed with smaller inflated balloons.

 Hot Air Balloon
3' Latex stuffed weighted to a basket, with or

without a gift with balloon netting to finish. 

Balloon Collar
Four small balloons twisted around the neck of a larger balloon.

Special characters
A babies pacifier and a balloon fish are popular designs.