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Flat Brushes

Synthetic fiber brushes which closely resemble the "snap" of sable hair. Talkon offers easy clean-up and long life.


FB-12  No.12 - 7/16"

FB-10  No.10 - 3/8"

FB-7   No.7 - 5/16"

FB-5  No.5 - 1/4"

FB-3  No. 3 - 5/32"

FB-2 No.2 - 3/32"






Angle Brushes

Precise angled application for the eye shadow, eye liner, brow coloring and lipstick.


AB-8 Wide

AB-4 Medium






Dome Brushes

Subtle, delicate brush for the eye shadow application or under eye concealing. Rounded corners provide soft edges


DB-12 Wide

DB-4 Medium 



Fine Detail Brushes

FDB-1 Pettie Powder

A Great Shape for applying Luxe Powders, glitter, powder orpressed colors to face and eyes / Pony


FDB-2 Medium Tapered Point Brush

FDB-3 Small Tapered Point Brush

For blending and contouring of eye shadows, Lumie're, powders and glitter. / pony blend


FBD-4 Pettie Shader

Small round-edged brush for delicate powder detailing. / Ox Blend


FDB-5 Medium Blender

Soft, but firm chiseled-edge bristles for precise, even finish of powders / Sable


FDB-7 Lip Brush with cover

Finely tapered, pette shape for defined application of lip colors and glosses







Foundation and Contour Brushes

Rounded, taperededges and soft synthetic fibers provide exceptional versatillity and blending qualitys. Excelent for application of crea-style foundations, Neutralizers, pressed colors, liquids and wet cakes, including Lumie'res.


FCB-24 Wide Foundation 1 1/8"

FCB-20 Foundation 7/8"

FCB-18 Wide Contour 3/4"

FCB-16 Medium Contour 9/16"


Rouge Brushes 

PA-1 Powder Brush

Luxurious hair neatly adds powder or gently removes excess without disturbing makeup / Goat Blend


RB-5 Contour Shadder

Generous precise application of rouge, pressed contour powders and shimmer powders. / Goat Blend


RB-4 Angle Contour

Great for touch-ups and percise applications of face powders, glitters, rouge or shadows. / Goat Blend


RB-3 Touch-up

Beveled shape for percise powder application, especially useful around eye area. / Goat Blend 


RB-2 Profesional Rouge

Generous, full shape provides quick application of powders to face and body / Goat Blend


Spong Applicators

Super absorbent, wet or dry application of eye shadows, Lumie're Grand Colour or MagiCake Aqua Paints.

FPB-14 Wide

FPB-12 Medium






 Personal Eyes

RB-11 Personal Rouge Brush

Full bristled, short-handled personal size rouge brush. /Goat


EC Brow / Lash Comb

Used to separate lashes, style brows or streak facial hair and temples with hair color for aging.




Sculpting Tools

MT-1 Wooden Modeling Tool

Versatille application tool to model Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood and Effects Gels.


ST-1 Stainless Steel Spatula

Use to mix makeup on a palette or apply Nose & Scar Wax, Thick Blood or Gel Effects to skin. 7" (3.5" blade)


ST-3 Silicone Tool

 3/8" Wide Double Sided Flat Chisel design is non-porous, resilient and flexable. Great for detailed application of Aqua Glitter, latex, blood, adhesives orcreams. Wipes clean. 


Sponges & Puffs

NS-1 Nylon Stipple Sponge (Black) 

NS-2  1 Doz Nylon Stipple Sponge (Black)


VP-1 Velour Powder Puff


HS-1 Hydra Sponge Small

HS-3 Hydra Sponge Medium


LF-1 Foam Sponge Block (Divided into 8 wedges)


 Mixing Palettes

MXP-2 Artist's Palette


MXP  Stainless Steel Mixing Palette


FB-11  10 Pack Foam Tip Applicators

FB-111  25 Pack Foam Tip Applicators


SW-11  10 Pack Swab Applicators


We recomend the single hole unit for a sharp make-up pencil point. The Dual Hole unit sharpens both Make-up penciles and crayons


SP  Pencil Sharpener


DP Pencil & Crayon Sharpener



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